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is a 184-page publication focused on visual arts and the artists operating within the field of Black Metal and its satellites.
Each copy is stamped and sealed with human blood.

Exclusive and official distribution by Metastazis.


Portfolios -
Erik Danielsson
Adrian Baxter
Dehn Sora
Dávid Glomba
Valeria Sakseeva
Stigma Diaboli
View from the Coffin
The Specter

Interviews -
Nicolas Ballet

Dossier -
The Sacred Fungus

Originally the intention was to deliver a fanzine experience similar to the one editors produced in the ‘90s. However, the xeroxed DIY primitive roughness of clandestine print media was traded for high-end production means and a sharp design.
No Contact was printed in two tones (deep blue and gold) on 130g coated stock, with red thread visible on the exposed binding.
For those who need labels, the result could be described as ‘art-zine’.

Soaked in the analogue, xeroxed activist Black Metal madness of the ‘90s, No Contact is a timeless item in which a multitude of fragments emanating from the past and present come clashing together. In addition to countless moments of outrage, profanity, and provocation, accounting for the lion’s share of the publication, it features portfolios of active visual artists, exclusive interviews, rare and re-published ones, as well as a full dossier about psychoactive spirituality, and reviews of records and demos.

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