• Image of GLACIATION lp - "1994"
  • Image of GLACIATION lp - "1994"

Glaciation is the band that was founded by Valnoir, the leader of Metastazis, in 2012. He's the mastermind behind this record, behind its universe, lyrics, concept.
The specificity of this artwork is that the patches were stiched on the skin without anesthesia (and without photoshop).
If you follow the work of Metastazis, then this album is a must-have.
The line-up includes, among others, Neige and Winterhalter, the two permanent members of Alcest.

More here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWk5MZpSV0o

White heavy vynil, printed innersleeve, handnumbered.

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